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Auto Repair Evaluations by Industry Professionals

Professional Repair Shop and Estimate Evaluations.  BZBEST - Automotive Services, is a team of Auto Repair Professionals who know the industry and can communicate with your repair shop regarding any estimates, testing, or repair of your car or truck.  Our clients have found our service and personnel to be of significant value when dealing with auto repair shops.  

The BZBEST Auto Repair Evaluation program is a relatively inexpensive service and is available nationwide.

Why we offer this service

Over the years I've worked as an ASE Certified Mechanic, Service Advisor, Service Manager, and Shop/Repair Service Owner.  During these years I have worked at various shops with owners who really didn't have a clue how to run a business especially when the primary focus of the business was money.  Because of this they would go to seminars and training classes to learn how to "turn a profit".  Some of what was taught was good business practice and some other subjects crossed the line.

After preparing and providing expert testimony representing customers of various auto repair shops, I began to understand the frustrations people go through when dealing with some car repair shops.  I decided that I wanted to help customer's by evaluating shops. 

Vehicle warranty companies provide similar evaluations before paying shops for any testing or repairs.

The Service Advisor

Can you really trust a "Service Advisor" to be your advocate.  A service writer is usually a commissioned salesperson who's income is directly tied to the amount of sales the shop brings in.

The Labor Estimate
BZBEST can help you verify that the labor charged at a shop is fair.

The Parts Estimate

A BZBEST auto repair evaluation can help reduce the cost of over inflated car parts.

Making a Profit

I understand that a shop needs to make a profit, however, labor time standards should be adhered to, parts shouldn't be inflated to the point of costing more than gold, and the mechanics providing the testing and repairing of your car should be properly trained.

Our professionals know what questions to ask to verify the repair shop's answers.

How to get BZBEST to start working for you.

Contact BZBEST (preferably before any repairs or services are authorized by you) at 866-291-4747.  Our staff will ask you to answer a few questions about your vehicle and the reason for taking it to a repair shop.

After our free consultation and discussion of our fee, you may decide to use move forward with the service that we offer.  Our fee does come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (see below).
After we complete our evaluation of the shop (usually within one day) we will contact you with our findings, our opinion, and our professional recommendation.

Payments Accepted:

Our Guarantee to You

If you are not completed satisfied with the BZBEST Shop Evaluation Program for any reason, we will give you a complete refund.  We guarantee your satisfaction.

Call Now for a Free Consultation
toll free (866) 291-4747

Thank You.

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